Our Process

Here’s what to expect if you plan on getting a puppy from us!

Thank you so much for your interest in our puppies. Once you place a deposit we will notify you when a litter is available for you to come visit. When puppies are 5 to 6 weeks old, you will be invited to visit.

If you do not choose a puppy at that time, you can defer your deposit to a future litter and you will automatically move up higher on the list. From the time you place your deposit with us, we will maintain communication and you become part of the WigglyButts Aussies Family.

Your deposit is Nonrefundable. We understand that sometimes you may be on multiple lists but we do invest a lot of time working with you and feel like waiting for a puppy is just part of the process. We will work with you from the time you place your deposit and will be available to you throughout the life of your dog.

An application must be submitted in order to be considered for one of our puppies. Applications are submitted through Good Dog! The link is on our Facebook Page and website Once you are approved, you will need to sign our contract, email it back and send in a deposit to hold your spot on our waitlist and your pick of puppy.

Our puppies come with lifetime breeder support meaning that we will ALWAYS take a puppy back, no matter how old or the reason for its return. We will also provide help and advice if they need it, we are always here to help. We strongly suggest that people do their research on this breed! this breed is not for everyone!

We have many inquiries for merles and less interest in Tris. We encourage our buyers to be open minded and value personality over looks. That is also how we place our pups as well. Personality and temperament over coloring/pattern.

We strongly believe in placing puppies in suitable homes based on their personality traits and temperament, not color and sex. We are with our puppies every day and personally evaluate their athleticism, adaptability, reactions, and intelligence to help you connect with your perfect furry friend. We ask that you use our advice and work with these invaluable tools to make a knowledgeable purchase. 

Link to fill out the application on GoodDog

Prices are subject to change at any time!