How to get a puppy?

If you’re interested in a puppy from WigglyButts Aussies, please contact us to get started.
Call or text us directly at (603) 897-5244.

To meet with a puppy you must put down a deposit. without a deposit meeting a puppy will be denied. We do this to ensure the safety of our pups and to reduce their risk of catching illness.

Meet ups are in our home. So we ask that you respect our home. Please limit how many people are with you, we ask for 2 people be allowed to visit puppies at a time. You will be required to have clean clothes, shoes, and sanitize your hands before touching our puppies. Visits are limited to 1/2 hour.

Please fill out an application for a WigglyButts Aussie! Once you submit an application we will call you for a phone interview. We will review your application to see what if one our puppies would best suit your lifestyle!


Price is $2350- $2500, includes a $500 deposit. All our puppies are the same price regardless of sex or color.

Please keep in mind that we have no control over what colors or coat patterns are born in a litter or their eye color. It’s a genetic dice roll. The more specific you are in your “wants”, more patience is required.

Pre-Deposits on upcoming litter are placed before breedings to ensure our puppies have committed families. Remaining balance must be paid in full by 8 weeks of age, at pickup in CASH ONLY.

Deposits & Remaining payments are NON-Refundable, if you back out on getting a puppy. However, if puppy gets sick or passes on our end you’ll receive a full deposit refund. If you choose not to get a puppy from the specific litter at the time, your deposit can only be moved to 1 more litter, afterwards you forfeit your deposit!

Puppy price is non-negotiable. We put money into getting puppies vetted, pre-registered, and pay for their needs before going home to their new families.

Go Home

Our Puppies need time to nurse, grow and develop with their siblings and Mama before they can be with their new families. A newborn puppy will be with their breeder, mom and siblings as they develop physically and gain social skills. We home our puppies with their new families at 8 weeks. If for some reason you can not get the puppy at the 8 week mark you can contact us to discuss an appropriate pick-up time.

If you are unable to pick-up puppy at the 8 week mark there is a $50 daily rate to keep them under our care.

Puppies will go home with the following:

  • AKC/ASDR/ASCA Registration
  • Food
  • Toys
  • Blanket
  • Poop (We use shavings to get them started on potty training)
  • 1st Vaccine, 3 rounds of dewormer, Health Certificate
  • Microchipped