All 2024 Pricing is as follows:

Blue Eyed Tri: $2500
Blue or Red Merle: $3000
Deposit: $600
Breeding Rights: $500 on top of price to approved programs only!

  • Deposit is required to reserve any puppy or hold your spot on the early deposit list.
  • Please keep in mind that we have no control over what colors or coat patterns are born in a litter or their eye color. It’s a genetic dice roll. The more specific you are in your “wants”, more patience is required.
  • Deposits & Remaining payments are NON-Refundable, if you back out on getting a puppy. However, if puppy gets sick or passes on our end you’ll receive a full deposit refund. If you do not choose to get a puppy from the specific litter at the time, your deposit can be moved to only 1 more litter, afterwards you forfeit your deposit!

Everyone who has made a deposit will have their pick of the litter in the order deposits are received. All puppies with a deposit made are not considered sold until full payment is received and puppy is picked up.

Starting January 2024

  • a deposit is required to reserve your spot we do not reserve puppies without a deposit!
  • Once puppies are here safe and healthy, we will contact the deposit list according to what’s available for merle’s and tri’s and collect deposits. If we do not reach your name on that litters list, you can be bumped to the next litter!
  • People who want merles we strongly suggest that you contact us immediately to reserve slot 1 or 2 on our deposit list otherwise the lower on the list you are the less likely you are to get what your looking for.
  • Members currently on the waiting list will be notified as soon as puppies are born!
  • Deposits made to hold a puppy are non-refundable, but are transferable to 1 more litter.

WigglyButts Aussies, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason if we do not approve buyer and do not feel that the puppy would be
a good fit for that home or person. These puppies are considered a part of our
family and we want to ensure they are going to the best home possible.

We want committed families for our puppies!

At this time we are no longer offering visits due to the upper respiratory virus out nationwide!
(Depending on if Covid cases are rising or not)
Facetime visits are more than welcome as an alternative

Puppy picks will be made at 1-2 weeks old!
To prevent the spread of air-borne diseases we ask that applicants not visit any rescue leagues, kennels, or other breeders 48hrs prior to visiting our litter.
(If any dog viruses are on the rise we will not allow visits)

Ground Shipping-
We will meet families with their puppies at no charge within 100 miles of us,
Anything over 100 miles will be charged per mile.
We strongly recommend flying here to New Hampshire to pickup your puppy. We can meet you at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

We do offer our veterans and returning families 10% off discount for our puppies!

Puppy price is non-negotiable. We put money into giving our puppies and adults the upmost care and health, vetted, pre-registered, raised, our adults healthy and genetically tested, Dog Food. We pay for their needs before going home to their new families.

Bringing home your Puppy!

Our Puppies need time to nurse, grow and develop with their siblings and Mama before they can be with their new families. A newborn puppy will be with their breeder, mom and siblings as they develop physically and gain social skills. We send home our puppies to their new families at 8 weeks. If for some reason you can not get the puppy at the 8 week mark you can contact us to discuss an appropriate pick-up time.

If you are unable to pick-up puppy at the 8 weeks, you will pay the full amount of the puppy upfront and starting 24 hours after there will be a $50 daily rate to keep them under our care that will include additional vet bills and fees that you will be responsible for.

Puppies will go home with the following:

  • State of New Hampshire Health Certificate
  • 1st round of DHPP Vaccine, Pyrantel Dewormed
    (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza)
  • 30 days of free Health Insurance with Trupanion
  • AKC/ASDR/ASCA Registration (depending on parents)
  • Lifetime Breeder Support
  • Food Open Farm Venison and Ancient Grain Recipe
  • Puppy go home bag
  • Baby Blankets with Mama’s Scent
  • Parents Health Tested
  • 2 year Genetic Health Guarantee
  • Poop in Plastic bag for you to spread in your yard!
    (We use shavings or pellets to get them started on potty training)
  • Health Certificate from Certified Vet (Cardigan Veterinary Clinic)
  • Microchipped with NanoCHIP
  • Transport Available!
    We will meet families with their puppies at no charge within 100 miles of us,
    Anything over 100 miles will be charged per mile.