Step 1. Submit an application

Please fill out an application for a WigglyButts Aussie! Once you submit an application we will call you for a phone interview. We will review your application to see what if one our puppies would best suit your lifestyle!

Step 2. Receive Approval

After we review your application and conduct a phone interview wait to hear back from us. You will get a notification through GoodDog and in your email of your approval status. We will place you on the waitlist and stay in contact with you until one of our females are in heat and has been bred. We will let you know the estimated birth and go home time.

Step 3. Submit a Deposit

Once you are approved, your next step will be to submit a NON-REFUNDABLE $250 Deposit. Your deposit can be placed through Paypal or Venmo. At that time if you are happy with the parents, expected colors, size, etc. We will stay in touch with you once your deposit is placed up until you take your puppy home!

Step 4. Puppies

Once our females give birth, please give us 72 hours. We will get birth photos and contact everyone about puppy visits. If you do know what you want you may reserve your pup at that time! We do ask that everyone give us 1 week to make sure that everyone is healthy and growing. We will begin planning out 5 week puppy visits.