What is the Guardian Home Program?

Guardian homes help move the WigglyButts Aussies program forward, while helping provide loving homes for all our Dams and Sires (moms and dads) involved. They are crucial part of our program, and as such, are treated like family! Learn more about the program below and if you would be a good fit!

What is a Guardian Home?
As a Guardian Home, you get a high quality, pick of the litter pup free of charge and you become that puppy’s forever home. The family will sign an agreement to return the dog for breeding, whelping and raising purposes and follow all guidelines. When the dog is retired from breeding, WigglyButts Aussies will pay for spay or neutering and ownership will transfer to the Family. 

What Do I Get?
Guardian Homes are responsible for all typical “pet” expenses and maintenance, including grooming by a professional, dog food, pet-related vet visits (annual vaccinations, parasite prevention-following WigglyButts Aussies guidelines), training, etc. This dog will be genetically tested and come from tested lines.

How do I Apply?
Click the link below to apply for the Guardian program for WigglyButts Aussies. Please keep in mind that you need to live within 1 hour of Bristol, NH. There will be a lot of traveling which would include us coming to you, or you coming to us.