Litter information

Is An Aussie Right For You?

We do not have our families pick their puppies until they’re 4 -6 weeks old. This allows us to see the puppies personality and temperament before finding the perfect family and home. If you would like information on reserving a puppy please contact us today.

Our puppies are $2500. Puppies are on Limited (PET) Registration

Because we’re a small breeding program, we’re able to give the pups more individual attention than many breeders. They’re born and raised in our home.

When you submit a contract and deposit for a puppy, you must select whether you want a male or female. The order in which contracts and deposits are submitted determine the order of puppy selection.
Your new puppy will be ready to go home when they’re 8 weeks old. You’ll also receive a puppy care kit, which includes:

  • AKC Reunite Microchip with lifetime registration
  • All litter are either Limited ASDR or AKC (Pet) Registration only
  • Health Records (Vaccination, Deworming, Fecal Tests, Vaccination Schedule, etc)
  • 7 day supply Earthborn Puppy Food
  • Blanket with Mom/littermate scent on it
  • Toys
  • Collar

The most important thing we send home with your puppy though is a “stinky toy”. As you probably already know, a dog’s strongest sense is smell. Your pup will go home with a stuffing-free toy that’s been used by the litter. This toy carries the smell of their mother and littermates, so it’s very comforting to them. We suggest giving it to them for crate training, sleeping, or times of anxiety. It sounds silly, but we’ve seen huge benefits from the stinky toys!