Stud Services

Magic Man is standing at Stud to approved Females only.

Our Contract

  • Contact us at 3 weeks prior to heat so that we can make proper arrangements on our end.
  • Bitch owners will be required to perform a progesterone test at their chosen vet at first sign of bleeding of heat.
  • Bitch owners will forward us a copy of both the Brucellosis and Titer blood tests.
  • At this time, we are only shipping semen to bitch owners.
  • Bitch owners will pay for semen collection, office visit(s), shipping and artificial insemination at their chosen vet.
  • Bitch owners are also responsible for the stud fee of $1000 which will be held in escrow until successful pregnancy occurs.

If you choose to use Magic Man as a stud for your Aussie bitch, and have paid the stud fee, you will be asked to contact Broadview Animal Hospital in Rochester, NH. Their phone is 603-740-1850. They will give you instructions on the next steps for payment of semen collection procedure.